I have given felting classes and workshops to groups of all ages, including preschoolers, teens, adults and seniors. The students have explored the various stages of the felting process, from manipulating the coloured fibres through to wet felting and fulling the fleece into a cohesive fabric. It is always an active, engaging, hands-on experience.

For the felting to take place, the wool fibres need three essential elements working together simultaneously- friction, heat and moisture. With these elements, the fibres begin a mystifying journey of transformation from being multiple individual fibres to becoming one strong, cohesive wool fabric.

Grade 2 and 3 students laying out their coloured fleece designs, and fulling their artwork in a tight bamboo roll.  Many hands make happy work!

rosas-felting-class-2 grade-2-feltings rosas-felting-class-1 feltings  rosas-felting-class-4rosas-felting-class-3

Adult classes at the Jewish Community Centre, Vancouver, B.C., learning about 3-D feltwork.

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Felting classes at Stand Tall Education in Kampala, Uganda.

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